Black Light – The Art of David Hammons

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 9.19.37 AMBLACK LIGHT is a feature length film portrait of the life and times of a contemporary art career without precedent. As David Hammons enters his eighth decade, his subversive
and elusive art practice remains true to his roots in the Black Power Arts Movement of the 60s even as his work is sought after today by billionaire art collectors. What makes his trajectory so unique is how he has come to occupy so important an art critical and commercial standing while remaining defiantly an outsider and working for decades without gallery representation.

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“I feel it is my moral obligation to try to graphically convey what I feel socially.”
David Hammons

“When you make art or music … It’s so abstract that it puts you completely into
universal thought patterns. It’s beyond the planet, a complete other dimension, and
it brings you new awareness that most people don’t experience. But they could if
they wanted to. Artists should be talking about magic, the circus, hocus pocus.”
David Hammons

“The beauty is going around and thinking you are in the inner circle
and you never are, really.”

A Major Hammons’ Collector

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