R.I.P. Christo (1935-2020)

Christo, the illustrious and globe-trotting Conceptual Artist passed away in New York
City on Sunday at age 84 and a front page New York Times obituary appeared today,
June 1st

It brought to mind an audio interview I did with Christo at EXPO Chicago in 2017
with the artist’s in-depth recounting of wrapping the then fledgling Museum of
Contemporary Art in January 1969, his first wrapped project in the USA.
Without notes or a second’s hesitation, Christo described the winter time project in
colorful detail, as a kind of off-the-cuff memoirist, while large-scale black & white,
work-in-progress photographs of the wrapped museum lined the exterior wall of
Zurich’s Galerie Gmurzynska booth.

While all of Christo’s projects were of a temporary nature, usually no more than two
weeks as live events, his collages and drawings of those epic endeavors live on.

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